11/23/2015 - 08:23

Enjoy, our friends! Here's some noise and sweet talking to your wigwams.


(Photo by Tarmo Thorström)

11/20/2015 - 10:17

FINALLY IT´S HERE! This mini album is Euforia´s latest release and at the same time our last album. Listen to it and download at http://euforia1.bandcamp.com/album/smoke-signals.
Smoke Signals is available as a digital download in wav, flac and mp3 formats.
The album will also be released in Spotify. We'll tell you when it's in there.

Smoke Signals' songs are inspired by American indians, long farewells and freedom. Sami Aartti, Noora Linden and Tarmo Thorström are responsible for the awesome layout. When you buy the digital album you can also download the cover artwork to your device as a pdf.

Hope you enjoy what you see and hear!

Let me introduce you to Smoke Signals:

Wigwam is a f...ing dance floor hit.
Vinegar is a bitter goodbye, that bows to Seattle rock and AOR.
Unite You is a 100% love song.
Smoke Signals is sort of a love song too, but in a bad way. The feedback guitars take you back to year 2008. It is a giant time leap for some individuals.
Anne Lister was a Victorian vanguard. This song is a freedom anthem.

Thank you for your attention and love,

Mia /

10/19/2015 - 12:04

Olemme olleet pitkään yhdessä ja kasvaneet tähän bändiin, minkä takia päätös lopettamisesta on ollut vaikea. Kuitenkin monen asian summana tulimme tähän ratkaisuun, ilman suurempaa dramatiikkaa, mutta haikeina.

Toivotamme teidät kaikki sydämellisesti tervetulleiksi bändimme jäähyväiskeikalle Rauman Kulttuurikuppila Brummiin ensi perjantaina 23.10.2015. Keikka on samalla marraskuussa julkaistavan minialbumi-digijulkaisun "Smoke Signals" julkkarikeikka. Keikalla luvassa laajasti Euforian tuotantoa vanhoista uunituoreisiin kappaleisiin. Toivomme, että saamme jakaa illan kanssamme viime vuosina matkanneiden ihmisten, vanhojen ja uusien ystäviemme kanssa.

Tapahtuma Facebookissa:

We are sad to announce that Euforia is finishing it’s career after 12 years. The last show will be next Friday (October 23th) at Kulttuurikuppila Brummi, Rauma, Finland.
Realizing current situation has been hard, because we’ve been together for a long time and have grew up with this band. Even though the decision is hard, we have made it together and for good reasons.
We will be playing an extra long gig with old hits and introducing new songs from our forthcoming mini album. “Smoke Signals” is to be released on November 2015 as a digital download.
We warmly welcome all old friends and new aquaintances to share our last show.

05/12/2015 - 19:55

Recording new stuff at our outdoor music studio. We were inspired by the cold Finnish spring wind!

02/24/2015 - 06:54

Our new single "Vinegar" is out now! Listen in Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube.

02/16/2015 - 10:17

First single from Euforia's second album will be released February 24th 2015 on Bandcamp and Youtube. The album will be out in September.
Photography and light art: Tarmo Thorström.

08/21/2014 - 20:04

We have to test the new songs in real life. Here are some shows. We play these two gigs with The Torrances.
14.11.2014 O'Hara's, Tampere
15.11.2014 Bar Hovi, Rauma

04/29/2014 - 08:41

Photo: Minna Paananen

02/17/2014 - 10:12

There are some new photos of us in Facebook. We were visiting a friends rehearsal place last weekend to write new songs.

Photos: Hanna Hirvonen

01/26/2014 - 19:56

Czech version: http://jazzport.cz/2014/01/06/tvurci-euforie-finske-rockove-bardky/

English translation by Zuzana Demianova (Thank You!):


The singer, guitarist, composer and songwriter Mia Skon (in full name Mia Karolina Skon) was born on 13 of july 1979 in “town of lace” Rauma, where she still lives. The town is placed at the northwest of Finnish coast. She is autodidact musician, who just finished studying the pop/jazz singing at the conservatory in Pori last year. During her studies, she has met her peers with whom she still works.
The first CD called DEAD GIRL came out in year 2005. It is her solo project where the “dead girl” is her, the angry punk girl alias a ‘la No Future. The sharp punk sound she combined with retro-comp sound, old drums machines and analog instruments together with her friends (P.Alisaari and K. laukola). The CD is not similar to any of 70’ - 80’ bands, which is great. Her second EP “Kill the Deejay” (2009) contains eight of her songs. In this time, the female band “Euforia” was formed.
The band started in the year 2004 and four years later their first EP “Lights” came out. The EP contains four songs “Lights, Fireworks Baby, Birgitta, Tango”. The reviews from their fans and critics were extremely positive and the ladies are still playing. In year 2011 the band produce regular album “Apple Seeds” under the Kaakao label. In this alternative rock album all the group members participate, but Mia Skon was the main songwriter.
The first song “Guerilla Gardeners” has the alternative rock sound together with the wooden punk energy, power-metal and the classic guitar sound. “Life is a knife twisting in my guts,” sings Mia. The apple tree together with its seeds is here like symbol of normal and homey life, but also a waste, nihilism and rage of gardeners, who with their self-orientation think about themselves like kings –“if I was to wear a crown, I’d use it just for fun” is singed with angry scream. In “3000 pieces” Skon sounds like Bjork. The song is dynamic and slowly graduating, the lyrics are about broken life, life of 3000 pieces of puzzle, on which the human walks. The best song in the history of Euforia is the ballad “Aeroplane”, it talks about feeling to leave the town, where the person feels tight up, to be free. The song sound is colored to archaic tone of organ and at same time boosted with guitar, traces of drums. The song sounds like Joy Division, which is not bad in this case. The song “Destiny’s Child” tells in robotic rhythmic language a’la 70’s about feeling when everything collapses under the feet, also about the necessary of destiny and about Caine signs. The guitar stretch “Zebra Road” has the overwhelming Skon’s urgent voice “the street that is raped, is dark and dangerous as fjords”. The trip into synthetic double tact sounds of 80’s is presented in the song “Call It A Day”, where a day is compare to a swing. Song “Time Up” is filled with the reggae beats together with a staccato brass section (from the hosting jazz musicians). In this song is reshaped with hopeless feelings tear into small pieces when woman wakes up next to the man, see him through the glass window and a vase is an aeroplane taking off with her heart and will crash. The song”Black And White Effects” is filled with metal embodied knowledge that “black is white, wrong is correct”; in here Mia Skon sings words: ”I don’t believe in work where I just get paid” - these words most of the rock stars should have tattooed into their soul! “Human Car Crash” sounds suggestively, where girl is changed into woman. Mia sings “have you seen me when I have stared into the ceiling of my girly room and look at the light,that was dancing in rhythm of my cry. On the floor came the Martha graham….”. The figure of the legendary American dancer represent an artist as a symbol, who shows not just a good side of her, but also the fear, which she fights with. The last song “Countries”, is also the longest (5:20), that takes the album into the top. You can hear also an acoustic guitar. The rhythm is simple, but explosive as the Joy Division sound, the chorus has metal reefs and the guitar a’la U2 is ending an excellent solo and the album is led to its highest point. In here, the singer looks out of the window and watching the people in the waiting room, than she calls on them “Please make sure you have all of your luggage with you” and sighs ”the price of adventure is like life with two, life is like a sandwich…” even stronger goose bumps I have when I hear” I look at myself, siting in the tram, not having any coins and I feel sick from possible presence of controllers…”
Long time I have not listened such a strong and tight up song album!